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Office Utilization:
$20 for medical home members
(even if you do not have insurance)

$64 for non-members

"We strive to make quality healthcare more affordable, available, and less complicated to access. Our fees are so reasonable you do not need to use health insurance ."
Information about our practice
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At our practice we want to encourage wellness so when you have an Annual Comprehensive Preventative Screening Physical Exam ($459), scheduling of your office visits for the following 12 months will only be a $20 fee and most basic labwork or provider visits will not be any additional charge*
Before purchasing please read all details under "Information About our Practice" to the right.
*basic labwork include annual screening labs typically ordered for routine physical exams and for diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension followups.  Specifically: Annual Pap Smear, cholesterol panel, complete blood count, thyroid screen(TSH), Complete Metabolic Panel(glucose, creatinine, liver function tests), urinalysis, Quarterly Hemoglobin A1C for diabetics,and annual PSA(prostate cancer screening test)
Brian R. Forrest, M.D..
Board Certified
ABFM-Family Medicine
ASH-Specialist in

. Articles Written About the Access Healthcare Practice Model
One of Only 4 COSEHC Designated Cardiovascular Centers of Excellence in NC
Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Clinic-One of Only 4 COSEHC Designated Cardiovascular Centers of Excellence in NC
Dr. Heather Mullens
Board Certified
ABFM-Family Medicine
Special Interest in Womens' Health